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Servo Motor 4-color Pad Printer with Shuttle   model:GD-804W-P 

Single-color Pad Printer with Shuttle   model:GD-401N-CDP 

4-color Pad Printer with High-precision Microprocessor controls   model:GD-604R-P 

Independent 2-Color Pad Printer   model:GD-622D-P 

Ceramic Blade Ring   model: 

Conveyer 6 color pad printing machine   model:GD-606R-P 

Single -Color Pad Printer   model:GD-801N-P 

8-Color Pad Printer with Turntable   model:GD-808R-P 

Single-Color Pad Printer   model:GD-801N-TN 

Single -Color Double-Head Pad Printer   model:GD-402N-TN 

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