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GRAND Hi-grade Engineering Ltd. Is specialized in making research on, developing, producing and saling such productions as various Screen Printer, Pad Printer, Hot Stamping Machine. We have long-term experiences on these fields, rigorous quality control(Q/C), good procedure in production and good after services, which all enable us to win good reputation as producer of ¡°High quality & Good value¡± in special printing industry. And we¡¯ll continue to serve for our old and new clients with excellent productions enthusiastically.

1. Specialized in production on various Pad Printers, Screen Printers and Hot Stamping Printers
2. Business provided with various Pad printing, Screen Printing and Hot stamping Printing
3. Materiel retailing:
A. Various imported color inks for Pad printing and Screen printing. Technician will be arranged to mix color, choice ink and test printing for customers.
B. Doctor blade, Ink roll, Durable pad, Pad designed as the customer requested, Squeegee for screen printing, Aluminous screen frame, Screen, etc.
C. Plate burning£¬ Loading screen professionally£¬ Etching image on steel plate for pad printing£¬Testing printing for customer.

Address£ºHuangdong Administration Zone, Fengguan, Dongguan, Guangdong Province,China.
Zip Code£º523705